Innovation of Cell and Tissue Cryopreservation in Biological Research and Biomedical Applications

Trio-Technology Platform and Products

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Cell and tissue cryopreservation media
 (Versatile Product Line)

  • Media product line designed for biomedical and biological research
  • Long-term storage of cells and tissues without liquid nitrogen facilities
  • Highly efficient for cell and tissue types traditionally difficult to preserve


Corneal cryopreservation kit for
 corneal transplantation
 (Seeking FDA Clearance)

  • A revolutionary approach to cornea storage
  • A major beneficial change to the established corneal transplantation procedure
  • Domestic and international solutions to storage and transportation management


Ultra-fast cooling system
 (Under R&D)

  • A novel ultra-fast cooling system focused on cells and tissues
  • A new approach to cooling biological samples without cryoprotectants
  • A single-step approach to cooling cells and tissues