CryoCrate® - Life in nano ice


Our mission is to revolutionize cryopreservation in the life sciences, with a focus on cells and tissues that currently cannot be maintained under medium and long-term storage conditions. It is our vision to be the premier supplier of cryopreservation solutions to the life science and clinical markets. Learn More >

C80EZ® Technology


Corneal Endothelium


Cryopreservation of
Corneal Endothelium


Cryopreservation of
Corneal Endothelium

Eliminates Recrystallization

Thermally stable between -70 and -80 ºC.

Unique Freezing Method

Unique predominant formation of cubic nano ice during freezing.

Minimizes Cryo-Damage

Minimizes cell cryo-damage effects due to large hexagonal ice formed in traditional cryopreservation media.

Polymer Based

C80EZ® is free of proteins or animal products.

Cryopreserve New Types of Cells & Tissues

C80EZ® uniquely enables efficient cryopreservation of cell or tissue types that traditionally cannot be cryopreserved, for example, primary neurons, corneal endothelium, and white blood cells.


Cryopreservation of Primary Neurons


of Primary Neurons



Eliminate the Use of Liquid Nitrogen

C80EZ® uniquely enables long-term storage of cells in regular deep freezers (-70 and -80 ºC), eliminating liquid nitrogen for cell cryopreservation.

Easy to Use, Store, and Modify for Custom Applications

C80EZ® removes the need for FBS or BSA or serum replacements for cell cryopreservation.


Non-Clinical Research

Being able to provide novel solutions to cryopreservation challenges is a core mission of CryoCrate, especially as life science and clinical markets move into regenerative therapies and seek to minimize costs.


Cornea Endothelium

CryoCrate media will focus on dramatically improving the manner in which corneas are managed, from collection to transplantation.


Primary Neurons

Our C80EZ® Technology prominently improves survival of fragile cell types, like primary neurons, by reducing ice grain size and minimizing cell mechanical damage during freezing.